FERTILE: P.S Satellite – A Project of Prospect New Orleans

In response to the Prospect 4 theme, “The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp”, FERTILE, refers to the capability of producing and the opportunity to develop. Despite extreme adversity, life finds a way….extreme events like fire and flood are often followed by renewal and rebirth. Humans harness the power of nature with control burning and irrigation to redirect resources. In a similar way, artists respond to the stimuli of their surroundings, drawing on the events and phenomenon to create.

Artists Include:
Cheryl Hayes, David Rex Joyner, Bryce Speed, Jeff Rinehart, Sarah Marshall, Peter Barnitz

Exhibitions Dates: November 8 – 29, 2017
Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 8th (6 – 9 PM)
Prospect 4 Satellite Reception: November 18th (6 – 9 PM)

fertile image facebook



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