Nos Histoires || Our Stories A survey of women in art emphasizing their fonts of inspiration.

Curated by Jonathan “Feral Opossum” Mayers
Evermore important during this political climate, women in the arts such as Julie Mehretu, Faith Ringgold, Mika Rottenberg, Jenny Saville, Swoon, and Kara Walker have created some of the most engaging, thoughtful, and powerful works.  However, for some their works can be difficult to decipher without context.  Nos Histoires presents an array of visual art and commentary by women connected to the southern Louisiana art realm.  Their fonts of inspiration, displayed in both English and French texts, reveal the esoteric context behind these works in hopes of creating a multi-faceted connection with both informed and uninformed audiences.

Artists in Nos Histoires include: Danielle Burns, Dawn Black, Kathleen DeArmas, Amanda James, Nicole Johnson, Kelli Scott Kelley, Lee Randall, Emily Randall, Kelly Stombaugh, and Jane Tardo.

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